Ditch the plastic packaged disposable kitchen roll (or even worse - single use, landfill-residing, aquatic-life-damaging antibacterial wipes!) and brighten up your kitchen space with this pack of four unpaper towels. Handmade with hyper absorbent cotton waffle backing, these are ideal for mopping up spills or wiping surfaces down. 


The best part is that these unpaper towels are machine washable, so can be reused again and again.


  • 100% plastic free, reusable and washable 
  • Made from super absorbent cotton muslin and waffle backing
  • Handmade in Beverly, Yorkshire
  • Approximately 10cm x 17cm



Unpaper Towels | Pack of 4

  • Kitchen towels are single use and, when you think about it, pretty wasteful (they also come wrapped in plastic - gah!). Sara from Jack and Fred makes beautiful home accessories which focus on being as eco friendly as possible - not only do her products look great, but they are so effective, can be used over and over again and leave no trace when they come to the end of their lives.