These unique, no-two-are-the-same coconut bowls are made from upcycled coconut shells, which would otherwise go to waste. Smooth and totally food safe, our wonderful bowls are the perfect addition to any kitchen.


  • Reusable, strong and sturdy, these are built (by nature!) to last 
  • All natural product from sustainable sources

Sustainable Coconut Bowl

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  • Plastic Phobia is a true passion project turned pioneering business - supplying a great variety of home essentials completely plastic free (including all of their packaging - such a joy!), they really enable easy and affordable switches to greenify your home and take care of the planet.



  • Plastic Phobia was started by Tom out of his uni student bedroom in summer 2018 - he wanted to make it easier for people to make eco conscious choices. His flatmates were using plastic straws at parties, when someone mention that steel straws existed - the rest is history! 

    Tom is careful to ensure full supply chains are eco friendly, and he always ships carbon neutral (he's planted over 1,500 trees as a result!). I'm really excited to be working with him.