Buy better and buy less. These two containers are a match made in heaven - the snack pod fits snugly inside the single tier lunchbox to hold separate snacks, sauces or sides, or you can use them independently. Perfect for restaurant leftovers or your favourite takeaway, the two-in-one set can also be used in the freezer (dry-wipe markers can help you keep track of what's inside!).


This is one of my favourite zero waste investments - the Elephant Box is built to last, and can be used again and again for so many things. 


  • 100% food grade stainless steel
  • 800ml and 200ml capacity, extra lightweight
  • Will never stain or carry odours from previous lunches
  • Completely plastic free (including packaging!), no nasty tastes
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Freezer safe
  • Simple design, strong construction 
  • Roller latch fastening for extra security


Single Tier Lunchbox - Length 17.5cm | Width 12.5cm | Depth 4.5cm | Weight 350g | Capacity 800ml 


Snack Pod - Length 11.5cm | Width 6cm | Depth 3.8cm | Weight 125g | Capacity 250ml

Stainless Steel Two-in-One Lunchbox | Elephant Box

  • Conventional food containers are made of plastic, which can leach chemicals into food (particularly those containing BPA). There's mounting evidence that this is dangeorous for our health, sparking a review by the World Health Organisation.


    Elephant Box's design is inspired by Indian latch tiffins, which are used over and over again. Whether you take a packed lunch or not, these containers have helped me refuse single use plastic when taking leftovers from a restaurant, ordering takeaways, buying loose produce in zero waste shops, taking snacks to the beach - the list is endless. I love Elephant Box's ethos and dedication to be a completely plastic free, ethical company. 


  • Elephant Box wanted to avoid plastic in their products, creating a sturdy lunchbox which could withstand schoolbags, commutes and hikes. While the Elephant Box is their flagship product, they've expanded their range to cover all kitchen and lunch needs. 


    Everything they do is mindful of their impact on the planet. They are committed to providing products which are useful, beautiful, durable and reliable. They want to give people a reason to buy better and buy less, which is why they sell products which are built to last, using fewer resources.