I've been using Beewax Wraps for years now, and have never looked back. Food lasts much, much longer (cutting down on food waste), and you can cut cling film out of your packed lunches forever! Wrap your sandwiches, cover bowls, make neat little pouches for nuts, crisps and fruit - these are so versatile, you'll wonder what you did without them.


  • Handmade in the Cotswolds

  • 100% natural - no leaching of taste into food

  • Clingy, but in a good way - pine resin gives these wraps a natural, stong adhesive making sure your food is sealed tight

  • Organic cotton allows food to breathe, ensuring it stays fresher for longer

  • Reusable and completely compostable


This small kitchen pack contains:


1 x small beeswax wrap, 20cm x 20cm

Perfect for covering small dishes or jars and wrapping unused fruit or vegetable halves


1 x medium beeswax wrap, 30cm x 30cm

Ideal for wrapping sandwiches and cheese and covering leftovers


Small Kitchen Pack - Floral | Beeswax Wraps

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  • Along with a reusable water bottle, Beeswax Wraps were one of my first purchases when I started being more mindful of my use of single use plastic. I've used a few different brands but these have always been the best - I love the designs, the sizes are perfect and the wraps are so effective (I've not yet had to reset mine, and I've had them for a couple of years!). They can be used for absolutely everything - to keep half avocados fresh, as pouches to carry snacks, to cover bowls, to freeze leftovers, to transport bread from the bakery. You will save so much plastic waste by using your Beeswax Wraps again and again instead of clingfilm.

    Carly and Fran have now started making vegan wraps as well as their original beeswax ones - hurrah!