Not only are facewipes single use, but they are hazardous when flushed and cannot be recycled, clogging up landfills. Frightfully, many also contain plastic as well as coming in plastic packs - nasty!


Enter our dreamy, cloud-soft bamboo reusable wipes - this pack of six is machine washable, super gentle on delicate skin and naturally antibacterial -  they can be used again and again for washing your face, cleaning little hands or as a planet friendly alternative to baby wipes.


  • 100% plastic free, reusable and washable 
  • Made from renewable and sustainable bamboo and cotton
  • Handmade in Beverley, Yorkshire
  • Approximately 14cm x 14cm
  • Pack of six


Why not buy alongside our makeup removing pads for a matching set?


Reusable Bamboo Wipes | Montenegro

  • Single use facewipes and baby wipes are so detrimental to the environment and to wildlife - they often contain and always come wrapped in plastic, and with the sheer quantity used and the fact that they cannot be safely flushed away or recycled, it's a huge problem. A small switch like moving to reusable alternatives will make such a big impact. Sara from Jack and Fred makes beautiful home accessories which focus on being as eco friendly as possible - not only do her products look great, but they are so effective, can be used over and over again and leave no trace when they come to the end of their lives.