Made from recycled, sustainable bamboo and rice husks, this natural litter scoop has graded holes to easily filter your kitty's business from its litter tray. Super easy to clean with a firm handle, it is long lasting and durable yet breaks down when disposed of. 


  • Made from natural materials - bamboo, rice husks and corn starch

  • Rice husks are usually discarded as a waste product - this litter scoop upcycles the husks, preventing them from being disposed of in ways which can be harmful to the environment

  • Long lasting and easy to clean

Recycled Bamboo Litter Scoop | Beco Pets

  • When we adopted our cat Boedo, I knew I didn't want to fill my house with plastic food bowls, toys and litter trays. After doing some research I discovered Beco Pets, and have loved their products ever since.

    We've had the same natural food bowl (and poop scoop!) for the almost three years that we've had Bo, and they're still in perfect condition - no staining, chipping or discolouration. 

    Beco Pets were been making sustainable, environmentally-friendly accessories long before others were even thinking about it, and I'm really excited to be able to stock their range - they're good for your pet and for the planet!