ZWC's all natural bottle brush is perfect for cleaning those hard to reach places, and has been designed to effectively clean all types of bottles (including our beautiful reusable ones, and baby feeding bottles).


Fully environmentally friendly, the brush is made from waste materials which are by-products from industries, such as coconut harvesting. It is safer for the products you clean as well as the environment once the brush has come to the end of its life - it is 100% biodegradable. Hurrah!


  • Perfect to clean bottles where your hand is too big to fit (ideal for many other items, too!)

  • Made from waste coconut coir, waste rubber wood and cotton string



Natural Bottle Cleaning Brush | Zero Waste Club

  • Zero Waste Club focuses on making sustainable, eco friendly household essentials which would otherwise mean single use and high waste. They plant a tree for every order I make with them, and make it easy to switch to plastic free, reusable alternatives to transform your home without sacrificing on quality.




  • Started by two friends, Rishi and Pawan, who were feeling frustrated by the extent of damage we have done to our environment, Zero Waste Club is a truly ethical, eco friendly company mindful of the impact they have on the environment.  


    While markets are changing slowly, Zero Waste Club noticed that many products sold under the 'eco' label tend to stretch the definition of sustainability - they decided to start their own journey to produce truly sustainable, beautifully designed and ethical essentials at affordable prices.