Cleaning products are a big minefield when it comes to reducing your plastic usage (not to mention trying to avoid toxic, tested-on-animals formulas). I am so excited to have discovered Iron and Velvet and their revolutionary range of 100% plastic free cleaning products!


Their formulations are based around plant-derived, natural ingredients containing no animal products. This box of 5 x mango surface cleaner sachets is the perfect solution to converting your cleaning routine into an earth friendly, everything-smells-like-heaven dream (they use pure essential oils for their fragrances wherever possible. YUM).


With a unique formula, this surface cleaner was created specifically to tackle tough jobs - sticky spots, oils and greases are broken down and simply wiped away, leaving your surfaces sparkling clean.

Simply drop the dissolvable, plastic free sachet into your bottle of choice, add lukewarm water, shake and you're good to go! It's amazingly effective, leaves no trace once its used up and is non-hazardous. For those who don't live near a refill shop, it's the perfect solution!

Mango Surface Cleaner | Iron and Velvet

  • Iron and Velvet have spent five years developing their formulations to create premium, effective cleaning products which help with the war on plastic. Refill shops are brilliant, but not everybody lives near one or is able to access them - Iron and Velvet's plastic free, dissolvable sachets are revolutionary in this space, and mean that we can say SEE YA to endless plastic bottles (and harmful, unnecessary ingredients).

    The bespoke packaging is compact, plastic free and recyclable, and includes an instructions leaflet with product stickers to pop on your reusable bottles so you know which is which. 

    Iron and Velvet are passionate about their range and its potential to change single use plastic habits in the home - and so are we!