Huski Cups are made from rice husks which would otherwise be discarded - the way husks are disposed of (often through burning or burying) is damaging to the environment, so you can feel doubly great that you're saving the earth from a single-use daily coffee cup as well as stopping discarded material from chipping away at our ecosystem. Win win!


All Huski Cups are:


  • Biodegradable, eco friendly and sustainable
  • Non-toxic, BPA and silicone free
  • Great for both hot and iced beverages
  • Twin walled to keep drinks warm without burning your hands
  • Leak proof with non slip bases
  • Insulated to keep drinks at optimum temperature for up to 90 minutes


Cups are available in both 400ml and 500ml sizes as well as three pastel colours.

Huski Cup | Duck Egg Regular

  • Not only are Huski Cups beautiful, they are the product of repurposing would-be waste into something reusable and sustainable, at the same time as helping to stop the billions of disposable coffee cups which go into landfill each year. They are UK-made by a family business who are constantly thinking of innovative ways to make our future more sustainable and planet-friendly.

  • Huski Home are a family run business that puts sustainability at the top of the priority list. They have pledged to reduce their environmental impact to see a changed future, and work hard to make beautiful, practical creations from nature's leftovers.