This pack of two EcoCoconut scourers are eco friendly, biodegradable and plastic free. Unlike normal kitchen sponges which release microplastics into watersystems, these are naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial.


  • Made ethically from natural, sustainable resources
  • Ideal for use on pots and stove tops - these scourers cut through grease and are safe to use on non stick frying pans
  • Perfect for cleaning baths and bathrooms - they are great on hard surfaces and cut through mould
  • Free from toxic chemicals
  • Naturally antibacterial and biodegradable
  • Highly durable - I've had mine for months and it's as good as new!
  • When it's come to the end of its life, remove the tiny amount of metal holding the scourer together (and recycle!); the coconut fibres can be composted or put with food recycling



EcoCoconut Scourer | 2 Pack

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  • Yellow kitchen sponges with the green or white scouring pad are made from petroleum, are 0% recyclable and shed microplastics into water systems and onto your dishes - they last a matter of weeks and then end up in landfill.


    EcoCoconut are completely plastic free and made from natural resources - the coconut fibres these scourers are made from are usually discarded. With every EcoCoconut purchase, you are actively contributing to cleaner water systems, safer homes and no discarded sponges in landfill.