Conventional razors have very short lives, create awful amounts of plastic waste and are much less effective than traditional razors. This beautiful, hand crafted safety razor from Naked Necessities will transform your shaving routine into a zero waste dream. If this is your first time switching to a safety razor, be prepared for amazing results! The quality of this particular razor is brilliant - it's easy to use and not scary at all.


  • 100% plastic free with a gorgeous limited edition blue wooden handle, this razor is built to last a lifetime

  • Comes with 5 x replacement blades - superior platinum double edge blades fit snugly in your razor, giving you the smoothest skin every time

  • You don't need to apply pressure when using Naked Necessities - simply let the weight of the razor glide over your skin for the closest shave of all time

  • Safe to shave...everywhere (just practice your technique!)

  • Why not couple your one-off purchase of a Naked Necessities razor with their specialist shaving soap to cut all plastic out of your shaving routine?



Double Edge Safety Razor - Ocean Blue | Naked Necessities

  • I've always found plastic razors to be overly expensive with a short life, making me conscious of just how many I was throwing away each year. Naked Necessities are dedicated to saving our oceans by expertly crafting traditional safety razors, helping you to achieve a zero waste shave.


    Naked Necessities is a small business dedicated to minimising waste and reducing their impact on the environment. They are mindful about sourcing the products in their supply chain responsibly with their values close at heart. 


    The manufacturing of Naked Necessities' boxes is carried out using renewable energy, reducing the impact on the environment. All boxes are hand stamped using acid-free inks, and the string they use to hold their products in place is plant-based jute twine, which is completely compostable and sustainable.




  • Based in Devon, Naked Necessities work hard to eliminate plastic from their supply chain whilst providing a superior shaving experience. Founded by Jim, who returned to the UK from his life in the blue waters once he realised the impact of plastic on the environment, Naked Necessities thoroughly vet those that they work with to ensure they are held to high ethical and environmental standards - you can purchase their products knowing that they environment has been protected by them (and will now be protected by you, through the use of their wonderful razors and accessories!).