The story of no us in the wild



We are in a climate emergency, and we all have a responsibility to change the way we live. Just one person cutting out one type of single-use plastic has a huge effect, and as consumers we can drive change through being conscious about what we buy and where we buy it from. It can feel overwhelming (I know!), which is why I hope that No Us in the Wild will help you to make easy and affordable switches to quality products that align with your values.

'But what difference would my actions make?' 



My own journey to eliminate plastic from my day-to-day life, reduce my waste and be more conscious of the choices I make inspired me to create No Us in the Wild. It wasn't always easy for me to find the kind of products I was looking for or trust that they were the most sustainable, eco friendly options. No Us in the Wild is my passion project which I run from London, where I live with my boyfriend Gerard and helper/cat Boedo.




 I work hard to ensure that the products you find here are ethical; that suppliers share my values and mission; and that your magical packages will arrive with you completely plastic free. 

Almost all products I stock are zero waste or recyclable; where they aren't, I will always be transparent about why I have chosen to include them as part of No Us in the Wild. I work with small, local businesses wherever I can to try and minimise our carbon footprint and support the local economy.

Everything here is cruelty-free - I would never work with producers who test on animals. Wherever possible I stock vegan products, and I'm always on the lookout to expand my vegan range.

Green Leaves